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All US residents must follow tax laws properly. Any violation of these laws is processed and penalized by the government through the Louisiana Department of Revenue (DOR) and the Internal Revenue Services (IRS). Sadly, tax filing problems are common because taxation laws are not very easy to follow.

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If you find yourself in a sticky situation with the IRS or the state DOR, the best thing you can do is work with a proven Kinder tax attorney as soon as possible.

Call Defense Tax Partners immediately. We are a leading law firm specializing in federal and Louisiana tax laws. We are ready to provide every legal assistance that you need, from reviewing your returns and financial statements before an IRS audit or representing your interests aggressively through every litigation situation that you may find yourself in.

So whether you had a minor mishandling of your tax returns or you are accused of tax fraud, our expert lawyers are here to help you find your way out of your tax situation.

Call Defense Tax Partners today at (225) 438-9406 for your Free Consultation with a Kinder Tax Attorney!

How a Tax Attorney can Help You

With years of experience handling federal and state tax cases, we are confident that our capacity to help our clients is limitless. Our team of Kinder tax attorneys is always ready to answer your concerns and guide you through the process of tax management, tax violation cases, and other related problems.

Here are some of the situations that can help you solve:

Prepare for and Contest Tax Audits

Tax audits can happen to anyone, even if there is no intention of cheating the system or violating the law. Although a tax audit generally does not need to be worried about, preparing for one, especially with a good Kinder tax attorney, can help make the auditing process a lot smoother and faster.

irs attorney Defense Tax Partners’s team can help you have a more efficient process of organizing and studying your financial records for anything that the IRS could find worthy of an audit. We can get you ready to answer any accusation or discrepancy case that may be thrown at you.

Some innocent tax situations may trigger IRS audits. We can easily defend you against IRS investigations on the following:

1. Clerical errors, typically data entry errors
2. Self-employment cases with excessive reported losses
3. Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)
4. Non-existent dependants
5. Disproportionate or unusually high deductions. They commonly come in the form of large business expenditures, charitable donations, and home office deductions
6. Unreported income

If the unfortunate happens and the audit turns up against your interests, we can help you appeal to contest the results of the investigation. Furthermore, after the entire process, we can also give you pointers on how to avoid triggering the IRS system for an audit in the future.

Civil Penalty Relief

If you pay your dues beyond the deadline, fail to file your returns, or fail to pay for certain taxes, you will be liable for civil penalties. To many taxpayers, even though their violations are a result of something they cannot control, their civil penalty fines cost more than they are willing or able to pay for. 

On the bright side, the IRS offers three kinds of penalty relief methods:

  1. Reasonable Cause
  2. Administrative Waiver and First Time Penalty Abatement
  3. Statutory Exception.

Negotiating for reasonable cause is a common way to get rid of civil penalties. With a Kinder tax attorney from Defense Tax Partners, you can have a professional look into your financial records, such as medical records and court records, and effectively argue to the IRS that you have no intention of avoiding your tax obligations.

Settlement of Federal & State Tax Disputes

Defense Tax Partners’s legal professionals are very familiar with how the authorities of the IRS and the state revenue department works.

tax settlement and tax levyWe are not just knowledgeable about their tax regulations. We also know their programs, procedures, and all the documentary requirements that they may demand from taxpayers applying for tax relief.

Whatever the gravity or type of your tax issue, our legal team will find the best solutions that favor your financial and personal interests the most. We will also make it a mission to protect your rights and inform you of every law and regulation you need to understand to make good decisions.

If you think your situation is too small, or even if it’s too complicated and tough, don’t worry. Defense Tax Partners has got your back. Our Kinder tax attorneys will help you get through whatever tax situation you are in.

Negotiations on Non-Filing of Taxes Violation

With a Kinder tax attorney from Defense Tax Partners, you can also have a better chance of successfully negotiating penalties from non-filing tax violations.

If you’re not able to file your tax returns, you will be penalized with a 5% increase of your tax liability for each month that you fail to fix it. This goes up to 25%. On the other hand, if your failure to file is proven to be a result of deliberate evasion of tax obligations, you can be fined up to $100,000 and possibly imprisoned for up to 5 years.

We can help you negotiate with the IRS and get a lower minimum penalty or a penalty relief resolution. But we always aim first to help our clients obtain the capacity to properly file the returns and pay the dues accordingly to immediately end the problem. In cases wherein this solution is not feasible, we can also help you apply for an extension of the time during which you must be able to fix your tax liabilities.

Reliable Tax Lawyers

Need a competent and trustworthy Kinder tax attorney? Defense Tax Partners’s team of tax law experts is always ready to help you out. Even if you have a complex case, rest assured that we will spend the full force of our resources to help you achieve the best results possible.

Here are the tax situations that we can help you with:
1. Tax Preparation
2. Tax Resolution
3. Tax Lien Removal
4. Bank Levy Removal
5. Passport Reinstatement
6. Offer in Compromise
7. Audit Representation
8. Penalty Abatement
9. Innocent Spouse Relief
10. Wage Garnishment Removal

At Defense Tax Partners, we always aim to create proactive and personalized legal solutions to match the specific needs of each of our clients. Let us be your partner in reducing your tax issues, at best, zero problems.

Let’s Talk Now – Free Consultation

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If you need top-notch legal services for reducing tax debts, defending your rights against fraud allegations, or simply convincing the IRS that your tax issue is due to an innocent, reasonable mistake, Defense Tax Partners is the right one for you. 

As a leading tax-specializing firm, we assure you that a Kinder tax attorney will make all the major differences in all your tax problems.

Call Defense Tax Partners today at (225) 438-9406 for your Free Consultation with a Kinder Tax Attorney!