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Barataria IRS Audit Defense Attorney

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regularly conducts tax audits on taxpayer accounts. This may either be done randomly or triggered by some sort of tax discrepancy or unusual financial activity. Even if you know you have done nothing wrong and you feel secure, it is still the wisest decision to get the services of an experienced Barataria IRS audit defense attorney when this happens.

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Defense Tax Partners has faced numerous IRS audit cases before. We know how to handle this process in the best ways possible. If you work with us, our team of tax law experts will conduct a thorough examination of every relevant information, including your expenses, credits, tax deductions, and even the accuracy of your tax returns. If they turn out to have valid errors, we are here to help you lower the level of your penalties as much as possible.

Take note that the IRS can penalize taxpayers even for honest mistakes done on tax returns or data entry efforts. So if you want a much easier way of handling an IRS audit, you can contact us for every legal service you need.

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What is an IRS Tax Audit?

An IRS tax audit is a process that they regularly conduct to check if they are getting the right amount of taxes from taxpayers. Technically, an audit does not necessarily mean that the account owner is in trouble. However, it can still be a very difficult process, especially for people who committed fraud. Such cases can end up with jail time and hefty fines.

tax settlement and tax levyThe IRS is typically triggered to do an audit due to the following reasons:

1. Errors with data entry
2. Unreported income
3. Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)
4. Non-existent dependants
5. Disproportionate or unusually high deductions typically in the form of home office deductions, charity donations, and business expenses
6. Self-employment with excessive reported losses

The IRS has other reasons to start an audit. But the method they will use to process your case depends on the severity of the situation.

Correspondence audit – The IRS conducts correspondence audits on the simplest cases. They will only email you asking certain documents to cross-reference them with other financial records related to your accounts, such as those from your employers, creditors, stockbrokers, and the like.

Office audits – If the IRS deems that email or mail correspondence would be inadequate, they will invite you to a face-to-face meeting in one of their local offices. With Defense Tax Partners, you can have legal support not just in preparing for this meeting, but also as a representative during office audits.

Field examinations – Critical cases demand a stronger, more meticulous approach. IRS field examinations typically involve a highly experienced IRS agent conducting the audit in the residence or business location of the taxpayer.

Whatever kind of tax auditing process the IRS attempts to do on your account, you can rely on us to provide you with the best Barataria IRS audit defense possible.

Tax Audit Defense

It is valid to stay confident that the IRS will find no trace of fraudulent or criminal activity on your tax account. However, even a simple and understandable data entry error can cause unwanted penalties. So it’s always important to have a good Barataria IRS audit defense lawyer to support you during the process.

florida tax attorneyOur legal team will put priority on managing all relevant financial records that can support the validity of deductions, credits, and other information despite being flagged as discrepancies by the IRS system. Given that we will attempt to get you all the positive results, such as tax refunds, we will aim to lower your tax liabilities as much as possible.

It’s a different topic if authentic errors or civil violations are identified. In this type of more difficult case, our lawyers know how to effectively negotiate a lower penalty with the IRS. We are to protect and defend your rights and interests no matter what kind of penalty you are facing. Even in situations where our client thinks the audit result is unfair, we are always ready to appeal and contest the case.

Tax Audit Legal Support

With Defense Tax Partners, you get a Barataria IRS audit defense lawyer who is ready to provide you with any legal service it takes to bring out the best audit process results. We will match our services according to your specific situation, prioritizing your legal rights as a taxpayer as well as the quality of your financial life by the end of the auditing process.

Tax AttorneysIt is best to call us immediately once you’ve received a notice from the IRS that they will conduct an audit on your account. We will quickly prepare you for everything that’s going to happen and inform you of the best decisions you can make to pull off the smoothest possible process.

Moreover, as a top law firm specializing in tax law, we also offer more than just IRS audit defense services:

1. Passport Reinstatement
2. Tax Lien Removal
3. Innocent Spouse
4. Audit Representation
5. Tax Preparation
6. Penalty Abatement
7. Tax Resolution
8. Offer in Compromise
9. Wage Garnishment Removal
10. Bank Levy Removal

If you need just a few pieces of legal advice or you need top-notch legal representation as you face the IRS, Defense Tax Partners is all you need. Our experience and expertise will get you out of your situation in the best possible way.

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It does not matter too much if you’ve done nothing wrong with your tax returns or you are a suspect for fraudulent activity. If you are facing an audit process from the IRS, you must consider consulting with a reliable Barataria IRS audit defense attorney. Let Defense Tax Partners be your guide, representative, and partner. Let us help you fight for your financial interests.

Remember: once the IRS sends their intent to audit, call us as soon as you can.

Call Defense Tax Partners today at (225) 438-9406 for your Free Consultation with a Barataria IRS Audit Defense attorney!