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Rhinehart Tax Fraud Defense

One of the worst tax situations you can get into is being charged with tax fraud. Even an innocent case that got investigated can lead to life-changing repercussions if mishandled. Meanwhile, if the authorities found that the activity was deliberately done, a tax evasion case may be on your head. This leads to nothing less than hefty fines or even imprisonment.

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The best thing to do once you’ve been aware that you’re being investigated for tax fraud is to contact an established and highly competent Rhinehart tax fraud defense expert. Call Defense Tax Partners immediately.

As a long-time legal service provider, our legal team is composed of specialists in both federal and state tax laws. So whether the investigation on your case is conducted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or the Louisiana Department of Revenue (DOR), we are confident that we can help you out.

Tax fraud is not to be taken lightly. Once you’ve received any notice related to this case, contact us as soon as you can so we can have a better chance at managing your losses to a minimum.

Call Defense Tax Partners today at (225) 438-9406 for your Free Consultation with a Rhinehart Tax Fraud Defense lawyer!

Why Hire a Tax Fraud Defense Attorney

Like any civil or criminal charge, a tax fraud accusation must be faced with a reliable defense lawyer by your side. This assures that a professional eye will be assessing your situation and analyzing every detail that can be used to defend your case in front of the IRS.

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Once you’ve contacted our office, our legal team will immediately examine your tax records and other relevant financial information. This way, we can have an early look at what we’re facing, whether you have a legitimately innocent case or not. We can prepare you as soon as possible for everything that you will encounter in an IRS fraud case process to have the best chances of decreasing the impact of the consequences.

To give you a hint of what we aim to examine on your accounts, here are a few situations that the IRS considers as indicators or “badges” of tax fraud.

  • Understatement of income
  • Failure to file tax returns
  • Inadequate or unorganized records
  • Concealment of assets
  • Improbable or inconsistent reasons for behavior
  • Inability to explain a significant increase in net worth over the years
  • Cash transactions
  • Concealment of receipt sources
  • Overstated deductions
  • Reporting trust fund loans as expenses or deductions
  • Falsifying receipts to donors by exempt organizations
  • Involvement in illegal activities

Furthermore, with a proven Rhinehart tax fraud defense attorney by your side, you can build the best possible legal defense to protect your interests. Here are some of the common legal defenses against tax fraud:

1. Insufficient evidence: This proves that there is not enough evidence to prove that your tax activity can be legally considered as fraud.

2. Entrapment: Entrapment means that you were forced to commit fraudulent activity by a government entity.

3. Unintentional mistake: This defense involves proving that whatever activity you did that caused the fraud charge, whether it’s failure to pay, filing an erroneous tax return, or failing to file a tax return, is a result of understandable human error.

4. Statute of limitations: This involves invoking the statute of limitations, which restricts the IRS from conducting any sort of legal action within only a decade.

These are just a few examples of possible defenses that we can use to protect your interests. Give us a call to see which Rhinehart tax fraud defense fits your situation best.

Your Rhinehart Tax Fraud Defense Attorneys

Tax problems are exponentially more stressful when civil or criminal penalties are considered. The best way to guarantee that your every right and interest is properly defended at the fullest potential is to get a Rhinehart tax fraud defense attorney to help you. And as a top firm, we are confident to say that we can provide this level of protection and representation for you.

Rhinehart Tax Fraud Defense Depositphotos 22872930 original 1024x683 1 300x200We have hundreds of previous successful cases of individuals and businesses accused of tax evasion and tax fraud. It does not matter how complicated your situation may seem for you. We know how to assess your records thoroughly, craft the best defense and plan, and reduce your penalties to the lowest possible level.

At Defense Tax Partners, our lawyers and legal experts genuinely care for our client’s financial and holistic well-being. And it starts with our top-notch services, professionalism, and work ethic. You can trust us with your tax fraud or evasion case. We will give you the best that we can offer.

Let’s Talk – Compassionate Legal Advice

Rhinehart Tax Fraud Defense defense tax partners logo 300x65The IRS is known to exhaust all possible means of collecting what they are due and penalizing fraudulent acts.

If you want a higher chance of getting lower to zero penalties and getting rid of your tax fraud charge, it is best to work with a Rhinehart tax fraud defense expert. It is best if you call Defense Tax Partners.

Once you’ve received notice that an investigation will be done on you and your account, we highly advise that you contact our firm as soon as you can.

Call Defense Tax Partners today at (225) 438-9406 for your Free Consultation with a Rhinehart Tax Fraud Defense lawyer!