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Archibald IRS Lawyer

A tax problem encountered with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) always puts one in a serious situation. If people fail to carry through with the ideal legal solution, the case can escalate to undesirable and even life-changing events, such as fines that can leave you with crippling debt or years of imprisonment.

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These problems can be easily mitigated and avoided with the help of a competent and established Archibald IRS lawyer. As a leading law firm specializing in fixing tax-related cases, this is what we recommend.

Defense Tax Partners has experts on both federal and state tax laws. We offer a comprehensive legal assistance package that covers every legal service a client needs to solve any tax problem—from simple debt relief program applications to representation for complicated tax fraud litigation cases. We are here to help you get the best out of your situation, gaining back control over your financial life.

If you find yourself facing a tax issue, it is best not to wait for it to blow up and become unmanageable. Get a top-notch Archibald IRS lawyer from Defense Tax Partners as soon as you can!

Call Defense Tax Partners today at (225) 438-9406 for your Free Consultation with a Archibald IRS Lawyer!

Need Tax Help?

Although failing to pay one’s taxes accurately or mistakenly filing wrong returns is common and understandable, they will still result in penalties from the IRS. If these problems are not addressed immediately, and the taxpayer continues to miss payments and filings, the IRS is bound to take immediate action to obtain what is due to them.

To avoid severe penalties like property levies, frozen accounts, or imprisonment, let a Archibald IRS lawyer from Defense Tax Partners help you out. We will study your situation carefully and find the best solutions and programs that you can take to fix your tax situation.

We are ready to help you out if you ever find yourself in one of these situations:

Non-Filing of Taxes

Failing to file a tax return will result in a 5 percent increase of your tax payments for every month that the debt is left unresolved. This can go up to 25% as the situation demands.

florida tax attorneyAside from this penalty, your situation can also worsen once the IRS does the returns for you with a substitute return filed (SFR), which typically contains a higher tax bill as they typically do not assess your deductions and credits accurately.

As your legal firm, we can effectively negotiate with the IRS for a reduced penalty. If the SFR is against your interests and can be contested, we can also file for a reconsideration audit of your records and even a refund for the extra dues you paid for the SFR. Finally, if all these do not work as hoped, we have a lot of other relief options that you can take, like the offer-in-compromise program.

Unpaid Taxes

Once the IRS has investigated your records and concluded with violations, they have a total of ten years to complete the collection of your payables. It’s a long time, but it is vital to fix the situation as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more debts, fees, and penalties will pile on top of each other until your tax issues become extremely difficult to resolve, leading to the seizure of your properties and other harsh repercussions.

Naturally, the best solution to having tax payables left unpaid is to pay for them once the funds are available. But in situations where this is just not possible, our lawyers at Defense Tax Partners can help you apply for numerous tax debt relief programs, such as installment plans, penalty abatement, or lump-sum payments.

Unsettled Tax Debts

Taxpayers can incur debt with the federal IRS or state department of revenue in Louisiana. But either way, aggressive collection methods by both agencies must be highly expected, especially in relatively worse tax cases.

Allowing your tax debts, fees, and penalties to accumulate over time without getting in on some agreement with the IRS will definitely lead to life-changing repercussions. Your vehicle, land title, or house can be taken. Your daily income from employment or a business can be withheld. Our advice is to immediately resolve any type of tax liability with the guidance of a competent Archibald IRS lawyer.

So if you find yourself in any of the following situations, just give us a call.
1. Offer in Compromise
2. Currently Not Collectible (CNC) Status
3. Installment Agreements
4. Innocent Spouse Relief

Take note: filing for bankruptcy, although undesirable in most situations, is also an option that we can help you with. Contact us as soon as you can so we can find the best solution for you immediately.

How Our IRS Lawyers can Assist You

With our years in the legal tax industry, we are confident to say that whatever situation you have with federal or state tax agencies, we can help you out. We are experts in the ins and outs of both the IRS and the Louisiana Department of Revenue. So with every negotiation or program application, Defense Tax Partners is your best option.

Tax AttorneysWhether you have possible complications in your taxes that you want to avoid or you want to fix a seemingly unsolvable tax case, we are here to exhaust all possible options just to give you the best possible outcome.

Defense Tax Partners can provide you with the best Archibald IRS lawyer for any of the following situations:
1. Tax Preparation
2. Tax Lien Removal
3. Tax Resolution
4. Audit Representation
5. Bank Levy Removal
6. Penalty Abatement
7. Wage Garnishment Removal
8. Offer in Compromise Application
9. Innocent Spouse Relief
10. Passport Reinstatement

Need to clarify certain laws on taxes that you can’t seem to wrap your head around? Or perhaps you need aggressive representation for your IRS auditing situation? Defense Tax Partners is here to provide everything you need!

Let’s Talk – Compassionate Legal Advice

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If you face any tax problems, do not hesitate to call a Archibald IRS lawyer for advice. It is better to have immediate legal counsel for a small problem than to face one’s tax situation without the proper tools, causing it to worsen.

Do the smartest action you can take. Call Defense Tax Partners as soon as you can!

Call Defense Tax Partners today at (225) 438-9406 for your Free Consultation with a Archibald IRS Lawyer!